I frequently reload home PCs for folks just like you.  It takes alot of time
	 - usually takes me around 10 hours to do a backup and a full system reload.
	 I've got better things to do, and you've probably got other ways you'd like
	 to spend your hard earned cash!  

     You are here because:
	 a. Your PC is slow, but not crashed or dead
	 b. You do not want your PC to be slow, crashed, or dead - and you'd like to
	 not lose any data (pictures, music, documents, taxes)
	 c. You don't have $150 to $300 to pay someone like myself every 6mos to a yr

     I am no genius, but there are alot of simple things that are often
	 Lets take a look at some everyday advice and suggestions.
1. Always have at least 20% of the hard disk free

2. Always have updated Antivirus, Internet Security (Firewall), Windows updates
and patches

3. Understand how to use Add/Remove Programs

4. Understand and use System Restore

5. Defrag often - at least every 2 months

6. Have adequate RAM - WinXP should have min 256MB, I recommend 512MB or more

7. Have a Computer Box.  Keep all software, computer related receipts, manuals, codes, licenses, parts.

8. Learn to search for answers via the Internet

9. Know how to use MSCONFIG

10. Know how to use Task Manager

11. Use Print Screen and Paint to capture error messages, save as JPG

12. Your kids should have their own PC, and it should never be in their room.

13. Your kids should not touch your PC.

14. Be realistic - and patient

Advanced Topics:
Purchase and use a external USB drive for backup
Purchase and use Symantec Ghost
Home Networking
How to get and use your own family Internet domain
Discreet PC Monitoring - Do you know what others are doing with your computer?

Small Business Services - see www.armss.net
Remote Data Backup Services
Remote Access to your business for you
Office to office linking
Web Filtering and Control

FAQ...  like cable modem or DSL...